The largest of all the Latin American countries, Brazil covers nearly half the entire continent of South America. The Amazon River, running across the entire width of Brazil, is the world's largest river in terms of volume. As it thunders towards the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon passes through the largest rainforest in the world, many tracts of which are still unexplored and home to the greatest number of biological organisms on earth. Further south are the Iguazu falls, the most voluminous waterfalls in the world. Lying on the borders of Brazil and Argentina, the colossal cascades are perhaps the most amazing site on the continent.
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Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls

Luxury Brazil Tour 2

This is our shortest deluxe tour of Brazil focusing on Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Falls. With luxury hotels, private tours and all meals, this is the perfect escape to Brazil for the discerning traveller.

Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu - Buenos Aires

Private Luxury Brazil & Buenos Aires Tour

Enjoy the perfect luxury combination tour of the highlights of Brazil with Buenos Aires. With luxury hotels and private tours throughout, you will experience marvellous Rio de Janeiro with Sugar Loaf Mountain and the world famous Christ stature with the most grandest waterfalls on the planet, Iguazu. The tour will continue to Buenos Aires, the jewel of South America with an opportunity to see the famous gaucho cowboys.

Manaus - Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge - Manaus - Iguazu - Sao Paulo

Luxury Natural Brazil Tour

The most authentic and luxurious natural tour of Brazil staying at the very best lodge in the rainforest and the only hotel in the Iguazu National Park. This all-inclusive tour focuses on the natural wonders of Brazil with an emphasis on quality accommodation, excellent tour guides and a true appreciation of the fragile biodiversity of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Florianapolis

Luxury Brazil Tour 1

A firm favourite for first time visitors to Brazil seeking to explore the land of the samba in style. Combining fabulous Rio with a trip to the majestic Iguazu Falls before finishing your vacation with a few nights at an exclusive resort in Florianopolis, showcasing some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Deluxe 5 star hotels, all meals and VIP service throughout, this is the definitive luxury tour of Brazil…

Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Manaus

Luxury Brazil Tour 3

A deluxe combination tour of the main wonders of Brazil with luxury hotels, most meals and mostly private tours. With an in-depth tour of Rio de Janeiro followed by a tour to the magnificent Iguazu Falls, and finally to the rainforests close to Manaus, all domestic flights are also included.

Private Jet Travel

Private Jet travel to and throughout Brazil could never be easier. Utilizing many airports for our clients, whether on business or leisure allows for fast and trouble-free access to many cities and destinations in Brazil.

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