Our aircraft charter and management departament offer services that cater to each customer with extreme attention to detail. Our chartering division has jets, turbo prop and helicópters opciones for bussiness travel, leisure and air ambulance. The Service Center is available 24/7 with a team ready to cater to your flight needs, offering the most appropriate solutions, promptly and safety. Call now 1 800 930 6027 or request a quote here.

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The largest of all the Latin American countries, Brazil covers nearly half the entire continent of South America. The Amazon River, running across the entire width of Brazil, is the world's largest river in terms of volume. As it thunders towards the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon passes through the largest rainforest in the world, many tracts of which are still unexplored and home to the greatest number of biological organisms on earth. Further south are the Iguazu falls, the most voluminous waterfalls in the world. Lying on the borders of Brazil and Argentina, the colossal cascades are perhaps the most amazing site on the continent.
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Private Jet Travel

Private Jet Travel

Private Jet travel to and throughout Brazil could never be easier. Utilizing many airports for our clients, whether on business or leisure allows for fast and trouble-free access to many cities and destinations in Brazil.
For our business travellers, this means quick and easy access to cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, arrive just 20 minutes before your flight, enjoy VIP lounge facilities, dedicated check-in, swift and secure immigration, and be in the right place at the right time, the key to successful corporate business solutions.

For our leisure travellers, whether opting for Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon jungle, numerous small airports for access to the stunning beaches on the Atlantic coast or the incredible Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls in the world, our range of jet aircraft, and 24/7 solutions will provide VIP options for our discerning clientele.

Avoid delays, overcrowded airport lounges, security threats, cramped seating conditions and poor service levels, and travel by private jet with Amazing Brazil.

If arriving in your own jet, we can also arrange all the necessary handling for you, customs and immigration clearance, landing fees, permits, flight plans, along with accommodation for your crew, fuel, security and catering.

2024 Carnival in Rio de JaneiroStyle: Esorted Fixed Departure

Rio de Janeiro (7 days / 6 nights)

2024 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro
Arrival in Rio, reception and transfer to the hotel of your choice. Reception at the airport and transfer by private vehicle to the hotel of your choice, centrally located here in one of the world's most beautiful and exciting cities. Our handpicked hotels offer terrific locations with the best of the city at your doorstep - from dining, shopping and entertainment to world-famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema…

Brazil Private Jets Fleet

  • Beechjet 400A

    Speed. The Beechjet 400A is one of the fastest aircraft of its class and has the most advanced flight technology equipment.

  • Citation Bravo

    Cessna Citation Bravo combines convenience and economy. Its landing gear makes for smoother landings and take-offs. The oval-shaped cabin and seat structure contribute to a more comfortable and relaxing travel experience. It has internal and external baggage compartment besides a private lavatory.

  • Global Express

    Bombardier Global Express is the largest executive aircraft available for charter in Brazil and one of the most luxurious business jets on the world market.

  • Hawker 800

    Comfort. Besides being one of the most modern midsize corporate jets, Hawker 800 is highly comfortable. Its seats rotate, the lavatory is private, and the passengers have direct access to their baggage.

  • King Air B200GT

    Beechcraft King Air B200GT is one of the best, if not the best, and most successful in operation today. Since its introduction, it has shown time and again its excellence in the executive aircraft class. The King Air B200GT was promoted extensively, achieving high levels of elegance, reliability and comfort. The traditional King Air B200GT has a cabin that offers extreme comfort, private lavatory in the back of the aircraft, and an excellent internal baggage compartment accessible during the flight. The combination of performance and reliability makes King Air B200GT a more than versatile aircraft.

  • King Air C90GTX / G90GT / C90

    Versatility. King Air is the most dynamic business aircraft of the market: it combines economy, comfort and safety like no other in the turboprop category. Its powerful engines, reliable structure, and ability to land in several types of runway, such as, gravel, dirt, grass, besides asphalt, make the King Air an incomparable aircraft. Proof of that is its great success: it is, admittedly, the world's best selling turboprop.

  • Learjet 31A

    Light class jet, like the Learjet 35A, has an excellent combination of range, speed, comfortable cabin and average altitude. It has the ability to make the flight safe and quick, specially for its long range. It is an extremely agile aircraft. It basically differs from the Learjet 35A for its internal capacity, which is of 6 passengers. Another distinction is the private lavatory in the back of the cabin.

  • Learjet 35A

    Efficiency.The Learjets are versatile aircraft, which operate perfectly on short runways, have great flight range, high speed, comfort and security. Ideal for long flights, it is also notable for its speed, offering greater agility and punctuality for the executive agenda. Another advantage is their internal capacity: accomodates up to 8 passengers comfortably seated.

  • Legacy 600

    With a strong commercial aviation heritage, the super midsize Legacy 600 is an aircraft that combines maximum reliability

  • Phenom 100

    Phenom 100 has an excellent cabin, a wide baggage compartment and is equipped with new, more ergonomic seats, all with retractable arm rests. It offers two distinct temperature zones, allowing for greater comfort for pilots and passengers.

  • Phenom 300

    Phenom 300 offers comfort, luxury, and flight exclusivity. Aircraft with the best performance in its category. It is perfect for operating from north to south Brazil and Latin America. Its futuristic design, offers builtin baggage compartments, and custom leather interiors, hardwood coating and metallic accents.

  • Premier IA

    Evolution of Premier I, the fastest and most modern entry level jet of its class. Its cabin's interior is redesigned, quieter and comfortable, offering various communication and entertainment configurations. A private lavatory and a distinct low floor provide more comfort when moving within the aircraft. With a fuselage built in composite materials of carbon fiber, it has the best value, the largest and most comfortable cabin, and greater speed.

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Additional Services:
In addition to your private jet charter, we can offer the services of a full-range luxury concierge lifestyle management company whilst you are travelling with us. Whether for business or pleasure, we can offer a wide variety of services from access to the best restaurants to the most exclusive events in the country. Let your own dedicated concierge team take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy your hard-earned rest and relax whilst we make your every dream and desire come true.

Luxury Travel
Our private travel planners offer a highly personalised service during your stay and whether you want the best suite in the most exclusive hotel with VIP amenities, or a chauffeured limousine to wait for your arrival, let our experts take control. With access to exclusive hospitality at a premier sporting and music event, our dedicated team of experts with insider knowledge will make it happen and help plan last minute arrangements with no questions asked.

Scenic flights and trasfers throughout Brazil, flights over Iguazu Falls, Sightseeing tours over Rio de Janeiro, Fernando de Noronha, Pantanal, Manaus and more.

Helicopter Charters
City Served IATA Airport Name
Alegrete ALQ Gaudêncio Machado Ramos Airport Map
Alta Floresta AFL Piloto Oswaldo Marques Dias Airport Map
Altamira ATM Altamira Airport Map
Anápolis APS Anápolis Airport Map
Apucarana APU Capt. João Busse Airport Map
Aracaju AJU Santa Maria Airport Map
Araçatuba ARU Dario Guarita Airport Map
Araguaína AUX Araguaína Airport Map
Arapoti AAG Avelino Vieira Airport Map
Araraquara AQA Bartolomeu de Gusmão Airport Map
Araxá AAX Araxá Airport Map
Armação dos Búzios BZC Umberto Modiano Airport Map
Assis AIF Marcelo Pires Halzhausen Airport Map
Bagé BGX Comte. Gustavo Kraemer Airport Map
Barcelos BAZ Barcelos Airport Map
Barra do Garças BPG Barra do Garças Airport Map
Barreiras BRA Barreiras Airport Map
Barreirinhas BRB Barreirinhas Airport Map
Barretos BAT Chafei Amsei Airport Map
Bauru / Arealva JTC Moussa Nakhl Tobias Airport Map
Belém BEL Val de Cans-Júlio Cezar Ribeiro International Airport Map
Belo Horizonte PLU Pampulha-Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport Map
Belo Horizonte / Confins CNF Tancredo Neves International Airport Map
Boa Vista BVB Atlas Brasil Cantanhede International Airport Map
Bom Jesus da Lapa LAZ Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport Map
Bonito BYO Bonito Airport Map
Bragança Paulista BJP Arthur Siqueira Airport Map
Brasília BSB Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport Map
Cabo Frio CFB Cabo Frio International Airport Map
Caçador CFC Carlos Alberto da Costa Neves Airport Map
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim CDI Raimundo de Andrade Airport Map
Cacoal OAL Capital do Café Airport Map
Caldas Novas CLV Nelson Ribeiro Guimarães Airport Map
Campina Grande CPV Pres. João Suassuna Airport Map
Campinas VCP Viracopos International Airport Map
Campo Grande CGR Campo Grande International Airport Map
Campos dos Goytacazes CAW Bartolomeu Lysandro Airport Map
Carajás (Parauapebas) CKS Carajás Airport Map
Carauari CAF Carauari Airport Map
Caravelas CRQ Caravelas Airport Map
Cascavel CAC Adalberto Mendes da Silva Airport Map
Caxias do Sul CXJ Hugo Cantergiani Regional Airport (Campo dos Bugres) Map
Chapecó XAP Serafin Enoss Bertaso Airport Map
Conceição do Araguaia CDJ Conceição do Araguaia Airport Map
Concórdia CCI Olavo Cecco Rigon Airport Map
Confresa CFO Confresa Airport Map
Três Lagoas TJL Plínio Alarcom Airport Map
Tucuruí TUR Tucuruí Airport Map
Ubatuba UBT Gastão Madeira Airport Map
Uberaba UBA Mário de Almeida Franco Airport Map
Uberlândia UDI Ten. Cel. Av. César Bombonato Airport Map
Una UNA Una-Comandatuba Airport Map
Uruguaiana URG Ruben Berta International Airport Map
Valença VAL Valença Airport Map
Varginha VAG Maj. Brig. Trompowsky Airport Map
Videira VIA Ângelo Ponzoni Airport Map
Vilhena BVH Brig. Camarão Airport Map
Vitória VIX Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport (Goiabeiras) Map
Vitória da Conquista VDC Pedro Otacílio Figueiredo Airport Map
Votuporanga VOT Domingos Pignatari Airport Map


Brazil private jet heliports map